Whitening Interpretation

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Whitening and moisturizing should conform to nature, and the amount of pigment contained in each person’s skin is determined by heredity.

There are two types of UV damage to the skin: one is instant damage—sunburn and tanning; the other is long-term damage—sunburn and pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles can cause skin cancer. Therefore, daily UV protection is one of the important measures for skin care.

Because of the traditional beauty concept of “one white, three ugliness”, the pursuit of whitening by Asian women has never stopped as human pursuit of light. Rouge gouache is almost a must-have for every adult woman, but also has concealer. Foundations, loose powder, makeup powder, powder cakes, etc., the whitewashed family, whitewashed, whitewashed. In fact, whitening is like treating a disease. It is better to cure the symptoms. Only the inner skin is well-regulated, and the root cause of the whitening, melanin, can be used to show the natural whitening radiance from the inside out.

Melanin is a protein found in the basal layer of every human skin. Ultraviolet radiation causes melanin to change, creating a substance that protects the skin. Then, melanin moves through the layer of cellular metabolism to the epidermis of the skin, forming skin problems such as uneven spots and uneven skin.

Therefore, whitening is also a nursing project from the inside out. First of all, we must choose a whitening product that suits us. Because the whitening ingredients are different, it is better to use the same series of products in the same brand in theory, so as to prevent adverse reactions caused by conflicting different whitening ingredients. More whitening products on the market are based on vitamin C. Ellagic acid has a very high antioxidant activity, which helps the skin to inhibit and regulate the production of melanin and to lighten the formed pigmentation.

In addition to the use of whitening products, it is also important to start from the outside to protect the skin from UV rays. Sun protection should be done all year round. Whether you use sunscreen indoors or outdoors, when you are outdoors in the hot summer, Be sure to bring a parasol and sunglasses with UV protection.

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Post time: Nov-10-2018
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